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Be sure to check out our blog post. each post will provide you with tips about fashion in all avenues of life, ranging from the work place to the gyms for your work outs.

Is It Ok to Wear Fur To The Office?

February 14, 2018

Fur and faux fur have been a hot fashion trend this season as well as gain a lot of popularity. When I am rocking my furs, I tend to feel extremely glamorous, luxurious and confident.  As a self proclaimed fashionista, I have purchased everything from gloves, scarfs, hats, boots, jackets, and vests. I have endured the crisp fall nights and bitter cold winter months with the help of  my fur pieces and have unapologetically relied on my furs to keep me both warm and fashionable. However, I have been extremely hesitant to wear most of  it to the office. You know the old saying, “when in doubt, don’t wear it!”  All things considered at best, wearing fur to the office is a dicey proposition. In one aspect, you may be looked upon as flashy or a show-off  flaunting your money and on the hand it may come off as cheap and rather desperate for attention. I offer my humblest opinion and approach to this issue which is to wear your fur as either an accent or an  accessory. Fur in small doses tends be more acceptable in the work place. A jacket with a fur trim, a faux fur vest and even ankle boots can make the fashion statement and still remain a non-issue in the office.

Fashion For Everyone Vs. Over Forty!

March 15, 2018

I don’t know about you but the more seasoned in age I become, the more challenging it gets to find clothing that I would consider age appropriate, flattering, sexy, but yet conservative. Shopping at the mall or your average national retail giants is almost pointless at times due to the excessive club attire (as I would call it), cookie cutter trends, or one style fits all wardrobe selections. The junior and misses sections are all one big blur , with the evening wear and office wear having little no distinction. So, how does a modern woman of today find adequate clothing choices that would dare to be different, mirror her personality, cater to her style choice, age appropriate, make an impact fashion statement, expresses how she’s feeling but yet keep it classy?  I have found in order to overcome this challenge, today’s woman must be open minded to various shopping…

Dashiki & Corporate America. Is it Appropriate to Wear Ethnic Clothing To The Office?

March 15, 2018

Before I begin I want to explain what a dashiki is for the small population of readers who may not know.  The dashiki is a piece of traditional West African clothing that became a political and cultural symbol for African Americans during the 1960’s. It can also be described as an African tribal garment which is a loose and brightly colored  African shirt. Over the past few years, the rising popularity, and demand of the dashikis and African print clothing have produced the evolution of styles from shirts to skirts, dresses, pants, head wear, bags and accessories. A couple of weeks ago, a co-worker wore a dashiki to the office and I immediately thought and posed the question to myself; is that appropriate to wear in the office outside of an ethnic/ culture celebration day or Black History month ? Are traditional and ethnic clothing appropriate office wear? Would this be considered offensive to others in the work place? The general consensus is to refrain from wearing garments that would be considered offensive or distracting.  Your office wardrobe is going to depend on the religion, climate, industry and company where you are working.  I found the following suggestions from the University of Michigan’s website to be helpful and a great “go -to” rule of thumb:

As a general rule, try to fit in to the culture in your company. If everyone else wears pastels and you dress in black everyday, you will stand out and usually not in a good way. Dressing to fit in with the company culture shows that you are a team player and are concerned about the kind of image you and your company present to clients.

No matter what your company, it is not appropriate to wear tight, sexy, or trendy clothing to work. This is especially important for women, who may be judged by their clothing more harshly than men.

The best piece of advise thus far is to just keep it business!

The Power of Thrifting

March 15, 2018

For as long I can remember I have always valued the art of saving. I take extreme delight into walking into any store and being able to grab a bargain or being able to walk away with tons of clothing, shoes and accessories for pennies on the dollar. The motivation behind my passion for thrifting is simple: I would look like a million bucks versus spending a million bucks. (Lifestyles Over Labels) You don’t have to spend a ton of money or most of your disposable income to look great, trendy or fashionable at all! Thrift stores have become a way of life and a means to create additional income for a lot people, even to the point of creating a second income by teaching others how to shop smart and second hand. Depending on what area of town and what day of the week you go; you can find many gently worn, name brand fashionable items. Many local stores have special days of the week where they offer discounts in addition to the already low prices. If you haven’t tried thrifting before and would like to start, I have provided ten essential tips to help get you started on your journey.

1. Shop during the week and not the weekend. The weekend shoppers experience more fuss and far fewer bargain specials than the week day shoppers.

2. Find out what days of the week the specials are running so that you can maximize your money.

3. Ask the staff what days and when do they restock so you can choose the best days to shop and what works for you.

4. Shop off season for clothes. The very best deals for clothes are the ones that are not high in demand.

5. Look for items to repurpose.

6. Dress comfortable!

7. Bring a set amount of money

8. Have an idea of what you are looking for.

9. Take your time!

How Do Women of Color (Versus Other races) Respond to infidelity? Are there Ever Good Reasons To look The Other Way?

Recently, I was tuned into this talk show (podcast) which was discussing the subject of cheating and question was posed:

Would you take your partner back after discovering they had cheated in the relationship? One particular caller spoke her truth and her statement resonated with me.

The caller advised black women are more prone to stay in a relationship with a cheater due to the fear of not being chosen again, despite proclaiming to know “her worth”. The caller explained that society has placed black women at the bottom of the barrel in terms of attraction and getting married. Statistically we are the least likely group of women to get married, our men are the highest race of men incarcerated, we have the challenges of a good percentage of our men on the down low, the vast majority of our men do not value commitment and lastly our men are choosing women of other races versus black women.

Considering the odds that are stacked against us, could it be that some black women are choosing to stay with an unfaithful partner for fear of being alone? No judgment but simply an observation. Blues singer Betty Wright sang about this in one of my favorite blues songs entitled, “after the pain”, The line goes” having a piece of man is better than having no man at all, so I will just take what I got and work with it.”

To be fair, there are many reasons a woman may choose to remain with an unfaithful partner. For starters, it may be for the sake of trying to keep the family unit in tack. Family still remains important to mostly all black women. I personally don’t know too many instances where a woman prefers to raise her child or children alone without the father or a father in the home. A choice to stay with the man who is cheating on her could be considered a sacrifice she is making for the sake of having her children raised in a two-parent home versus a single parent household.

Another reason a woman may choose to remain with an unfaithful partner could be finances. Whether it be she has become accustomed to living a certain lifestyle and is not wanting to give that up or she may not be able to confront the infidelity and stand on her own. The choice to stay could simply be viewed as this woman values her financial well-being and security over monogamy in her relationship.

Another interesting point of view would be, the woman blames herself for the indiscretions. Perhaps there were issues before that failed to be addressed and corrected. This could lead to any woman possibly thinking she contributed to her man stepping out on her. Unfortunately, this type of thinking is harmful and could end up doing some major damage to her self-esteem in the end. No matter the challenges in the relationship, no one should excuse their partner’s foul play.

I have composed my list of reasons any reasonable woman would be tempted to stay below:

1.This is what we have been taught. I don’t know about you but I know of at least a hand full of stories from the back woods of the deep south that involved someone’s mother or grandmother holding down the household and continuing to raise the children, cooking and cleaning while the man of the house ran the streets, created other families across town or even across the street. We hear the stories of how people were determined to stay together no matter what. Mom or grandmother looked the other way while her man ran the streets because “back in the day” men still took care of the household, brought the paycheck home, and made sure his family was good!” I stand to wonder that knowing the history of our elder mothers, grand-mothers and great-great grandmother has harmed us and created the excuse to remain in a toxic dead-end relationship.

2. Another reason some women may choose to stay due to the sex being fantastic! You don’t want the other woman to win! The man is blowing your back out or face-timing the heck out of your genitals. Sex is a powerful drug and can cloud good judgment.

3. We think we have the power to change him. Black women often pride themselves on being strong and being the back bone to the family structure. Staying with a cheater can be a challenge, a “project” of sorts. A woman may feel she has invested too much to allow the indiscretions leave her without a man.

4. Fear of getting another cheater. Thinking all men are the same and you will always be cheated on, so you may as well stay with this one.

Truthfully the list of reasons any woman whether black or any other race remains in a relationship riddled with infidelity is endless. Love and sex are two of the important pieces of life and a relationship. Knowing your worth is extremely important in life and a relationship. Getting cheated on is awful and can destroy a person emotionally but cheating yourself out of the love and respect you deserve will leave you feeling empty.

Angala Palmore-Portorreal